I create surreal art that tries to capture a universal representation of the human condition or soul. The common tenet behind the majority of the images I create, reveal a diary, of deeply buried concerns of an existential angst that permeates the deepest regions of the unconscious. Many of these similes reflect common human subjective experiences, like: fear, spirituality, death and expressions of repressed childhood anxieties.

My creative process relies primarily on instincts rather than a planned activity, I create what I feel and then interpret what the image or idea is telling me. Once I have an idea established of what I want to create, I will seek out source materials like: photos and models to anchor the initial process.   The method of creating my final piece will be either charcoal, pastels or acrylics; my choice of medium is dependent upon the mood and complexity of the subject. I prefer drawing over painting,  because it allow me to continuously work without disturbing my connection to the emotional side of expression, also drawing gives me greater control by bringing my hand closer the drawing surface.

The end result of my work, are visceral surreal images, that serve as metaphorical translations of the intangible undercurrent of emotions, existing below the threshold of conscious awareness.  Through the use of primeval imagery and instilling within the work a spirit of emotion, my expectation is to agitate the viewer’s emotional side, to initiate a sequence of thoughts that will motivate the viewer to interpret these images.